Local & Global

Our entire focus is to deliver a balance of local customer service with global reach. This translates into better more personalized service without compromising on quality and cost. Saving you money and expanding your reach!

Low Latency

Our primary collocation facility is conveniently located between two physically diverse routes that connect into the NAP of the America’s in Miami, Florida. Our strategic backbone allows us access to 80% of the world’s population in under 80ms.

Real Time Access

Our real-time dashboard and control panel provide the tools you need to manage your international traffic. Accessing voice connections to over 190 countries from a single unified experience has never been easier.

Welcome to a world of connections

Connecting cost effectively to people around the world has become a way for businesses to increase revenue and for families to connect to loved ones.

Landlines have been declining in the United States for many years and they were at one time in almost every American household. In Central and South America land line infrastructure was not built out or even required by many of the governments.
Enriching connections to Central and South America. With the ever emerging markets in Latin America, Unlimited International is dedicated to adding further capacity. The recent earthquake and numerous aftershocks in Chile triggered huge bursts of traffic as both both families and business
Dashboard enhancements create opportunity for real time decisions Our resellers are in a competitive market and knowing where business is to be won is critical in making informed decisions. In a resell environment you may not always know when a customer has

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